Hung Window

Designed to move seamlessly with a vertical grace, our hung windows are the ideal fit for architectural designs that favor a tall, slender window profile. Both our single and double-hung options showcase expansive, uninterrupted glass panes that invite natural light into your home.

Our double-hung windows enhance any room with superior ventilation options, allowing air to flow freely from both the top and bottom sashes. Engineered for convenience, these windows offer effortless cleaning and simple operation, gliding open without strain.

Perfectly suited for areas abuzz with outdoor activity, our hung windows promise unobtrusive beauty without the projection of casement or awning windows. The single-hung features a stationary upper sash with a movable lower sash that adjusts easily for fresh air, while our double-hung models present the flexibility of opening from either the top or bottom, promoting exceptional air circulation.

Available in both single-hung and double-hung configurations, Prestige Window & Door provides versatile, attractive solutions that blend seamlessly with your lifestyle, ensuring that elegance and practicality are never mutually exclusive.

Inside View Closed
Outside View with Flange

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Designed to provide superior comfort, safety, and cost-effectiveness within your living space.


Perfect for historic homes

Introducing the Selera Series by Prestige Window and Doors – the epitome of timeless elegance and modern functionality. Designed specifically for historic homes, our Selera windows seamlessly blend with the architectural charm of yesteryears while offering today’s cutting-edge performance. From the smooth glide of our sliders to the classic appeal of the single hung windows, every piece in the Selera Series is crafted with attention to detail and a commitment to preserving the heritage aesthetic. Enjoy the benefits of enhanced insulation, superior durability, and easy maintenance, all wrapped in a design that pays homage to the past. With the Selera Series, bring the legacy of history into the comfort of your home. Choose Prestige, where tradition meets innovation.

Look of real wood, inside & out

The Double Nature series—an exquisite upgrade available for select products at Prestige Window and Doors. This series represents a harmonious marriage of modern innovation and the timeless appeal of wood. Our PVC wood-look windows emulate the organic beauty and tactile richness of natural wood, offering the visual and textural allure of classic wooden frames, with none of the upkeep.

Each piece in the Double Nature series is crafted with a keen eye for detail, ensuring the authentic look of wood is evident from every angle. Not only do these windows enhance your home’s aesthetic, but they also come with the added advantages of superior insulation, heightened security, and unmatched durability. With the Double Nature series, you’re not just selecting a window—you’re choosing a lifestyle upgrade, combining the robustness of PVC with the classic elegance of wood grain. Make the smart choice with Prestige, where cutting-edge innovation seamlessly blends with ageless beauty.












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