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Choose the type of door

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Door Configurations

Our highly trained and experienced installation specialists ensure that your job gets done right. Our installers are extremely particular and take zero shortcuts.

You’ll be able to find that perfect door for your renovation or new construction project.

Entry & Garden Configurations

Sliding Door / Patio Configurations

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Buying Doors 101

Buying a new door? Here is what you should know.

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Several frame and exterior trim options are available. Prestige offers a wide variety of jambs, brickmoulds, thresholds, and sweeps to suit your needs. The possibilities are virtually endless to make your new door system extraordinary.

Purchasing Tips2024-02-27T22:20:50+00:00
  • Be mindful of the door’s location. Will it be unprotected on the North or West sides of the house? If so, you’ll want to choose weather-resistant materials for the frame, and tempered, insulated glass.
  • Choose glass styles based on how much sunlight you want transmitted into your home. Choose from clear or tinted glass to keep out UV rays.
  • Always buy thermal glass to maintain the indoor temperature of your home.
Glass, Grilles & Blinds2024-02-27T22:23:10+00:00

Prestige Window & Door specializes in custom garden door creations so your glass options are endless. You can also colour-match garden door grilles with your Prestige windows or add maintenance-free, internal shades and blinds. Many homeowners are moving towards clear glass inserts with clean and modern lines.This combination is perfect when used in a more formal great room, dining room or kitchen setting. Imagine the possibilities!

Patio Doors: Energy Efficient?2024-02-27T22:25:55+00:00

Sliding patio doors include a screen on the outside to lock out bugs, animals, and debris, while allowing the scents, sounds, and breezes in. Since sliding patio doors can expand to greater widths than hinged doors, they allow more air to pass through. Take advantage of breezy days and reduce you cooling costs during the summer months with the slide of a door.

Patio Doors: Increased Protection2024-02-27T22:27:44+00:00

Fixed and mobile panel rails meet and interlock perfectly, making it almost impossible to remove them from outside. Lower sill design provides safer entry and exit

  • Lifetime warranty on ALL PVC frames
  • Lifetime warranty on ALL Window Hardware
  • 20-year warranty on all sealed units
  • 10-year warranty on all factory paint/ all fibreglass doors
  • 5-year warranty on general assembly of all windows and doors

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We are here to help the countless homeowners who are unaware that their windows are responsible for a significant portion of their energy losses. Our commitment to serving our customers is steadfast, and we achieve this by making use of cutting-edge knowledge and technology. Our research on building products is thorough and ongoing, which assures us that we provide the best possible solutions to our customers.

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