Parallel Sliding Doors

Upgrade your space with the breathtaking panorama that CELESTA’s multi-slide, multi-track system provides. Tailor your vista with a customizable selection of three to six sashes, crafting an expansive door up to 23 feet wide, with a generous 14-foot opening to invite the outdoors in.

Sophisticated and superior, CELESTA is the pinnacle of patio door innovation, conceived for the discerning demands of upscale residential and commercial spaces. Revel in the expansive access, effortless glide, and modern aesthetic. Designed to impress and built to perform, it’s the perfect marriage of grandeur and functionality.

Select from the versatile 3- or 6-panel configurations to seamlessly integrate with your project’s design, offering a luxurious gateway to your outdoor sanctuary.

Inside View 3 Sashes Opened
Inside View 6 Sashes Opened

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Designed to provide superior comfort, safety, and cost-effectiveness within your living space.


Versatility Meets Style

Light up your perspective with the CELESTA by PH Tech, meticulously crafted by Prestige Windows & Doors, where expansive views meet modern luxury. The CELESTA’s innovative multi-slide, multi-track, three-track system offers versatility with options for three to six sashes, creating doorway masterpieces that stretch up to 23 feet and open up to an impressive 14 feet.

Modern & Majestic. Tailored for the discerning eye, CELESTA is the patio door of choice for upscale residential and commercial developments, where grandeur meets functionality. Its design affords expansive openings, ensuring fluid movement and a sleek, contemporary aesthetic that captivates and impresses.

Available in both 3- and 6-panel configurations, the CELESTA patio door by Prestige Windows & Doors is a statement in elegance and a triumph in engineering, promising to transform your space and how you interact with your environment.